Advanced Topics

Information and analysis on advanced investing topics like rebalancing, value averaging and leverage.

Adjusting Your Asset Allocation For Retirement

Sigma Investing explains how to adjust the allocations of your portfolio as you approach retirement and beyond.

Value of Rebalancing

Some analysis of the value of rebalancing from historical data from the last 30 years.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Analysis of the S&P 500 market over the last 70 years to determine optimal DCA strategies.

Value Weighted Indices

A new idea that has some potential to boost the return of standard index funds.

Target Retirement Funds

A description of a blended fund offered by Vanguard that provides a simple but very effective retirement investing plan.

Value Averaging

Value averaging is a formula-based investing strategy that can boost your portfolio’s returns.

Leveraging Your Portfolio

Leveraging your portfolio can enhance returns but it will increase the volatility of your returns.

Market Timing Strategies

An examination of the issues with attempting to include market timing in your asset allocation decisions.