Accessibility Statement

Welcome to the accessibility statement for Sigma Investing. This page covers the accessibility and standards compliance measures taken by Sigma Investing, as well as guidelines on how to take advantage of those features. We have made every reasonable attempt to make the content on this website as accessible as possible to all disabled persons.

Enhanced Navigation

Every page has several navigation aids built into the code to enable those with screen readers and other assistive technologies to quickly navigate the content. This enhanced navigation comes in several forms.

Navigation Aids in the Metadata

The metadata of each page contains links to the following areas of the website: the homepage, the contact page, and the site map. Screen readers will display these links first when loading a page, while users of traditional browsers can use these links by configuring their browser to use them. Currently, the following browsers support navigation aids.

  • Opera. In Opera, click View > Toolbars > Navigation Bar to enable the navigation aids at the top of the screen. (Opera also allows users to move these toolbars to different sections of the browser.)
  • Mozilla. In Mozilla, click View > Show/Hide > Site Navigation Bar.
  • Firefox. Firefox does not natively support navigation aids, but you can use the extension Site Navigation Bar to have Firefox automatically display these links when they are present.

Access Keys

Several access keys are also used for primary navigation links.

Table 1: Access keys used in
Access Key Link
S Skip navigation and go to content
1 Homepage
3 Site map
9 Contact
0 Accessibility statement

Access keys can be used by almost all user agents — including screen readers and browsers. In Internet Explorer, press Alt+Access key and then the Enter key. In Firefox, simply hit Alt+Access key. Likewise, in Safari for the Mac OS X platform, simply hit Control+Access key.

Font Sizes

This website uses relative font sizes, which means they can be easily resized by browsers if you find the type difficult to read.

  • Internet Explorer. Choose View > Text Size > Larger (_Medium_ is the default).
  • Firefox. Press Ctrl+[plus symbol] to increase the font size, or Ctrl+[minus symbol] to decrease the font size. (Or navigate to View > Text Size and choose to increase or decrease the size.)
  • Opera. This browser actually scales the entire page, not just the font size, which makes it very good for visually disabled users who want to magnify images as well. Select View > Zoom and then a percentage by which to increase the page.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Many advanced financial ideas are discussed across the Sigma Investing website, and keeping track of the many acronyms and abbreviations associated with these theories and principles can be difficult. Below is a chart of some common terms and their definition.

Acronym Definition
IRR Internal rate of return
ETF Exchange traded fund
IRA Individual Retirement Account
S&P Standard and Poor’s
REIT Real Estate Investment Trust
TIP Treasury Inflation Protected
MPT Modern Portfolio Theory
NAV Net Asset Value
DCA Dollar Cost Averaging
P/E Price / Earnings
LBO Leveraged buyout
DFA Dimension Fund Advisors

Standards Compliance

The accessible of the Sigma website is helped tremendously by its adherence to web standards. This includes making sure all pages validate to a DocType of XHTML 1.0 Strict, all CSS files validate to the W3C’s specifications, and that all pages meet the majority of accessibility requirements set forth in WCAG 1.0 and specifically in Section 508.

Accessibility Barriers

Despite our best efforts, there still remain accessibility barriers within this website. It is known that not all pages validate perfectly; we are working on that, but if you find a specific problem, please contact us. In addition, the visual formatting of these pages has been hidden from older browsers such as Netscape 4. If you are using a browser from the 1990s, please upgrade.